In Time
Thriller, Action, Sci-Fi
IMDB rating:
Andrew Niccol
Cillian Murphy as Timekeeper Raymond Leon
Will Harris as Ulysse
Rachel Roberts as Carrera
Aaron Perilo as Bell
Elena Satine as Jasmine
Alex Pettyfer as Fortis
William Peltz as Pierre
Ethan Peck as Constantin
Colin McGurk as Citizen
Justin Timberlake as Will Salas
Toby Hemingway as Timekeeper Kors
Amanda Seyfried as Sylvia Weis
Matthew Bomer as Henry Hamilton (as Matthew Bomer)
Olivia Wilde as Rachel Salas
Vincent Kartheiser as Philippe Weis
Bella Heathcote as Michele Weis
Ray Santiago as Victa
Yaya DaCosta as Greta
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Great concept, sinful movie
From the outset of In Time, I was willing to follow the "time is money" concept. Sure it was far fetched, but it was intriguing. I held on, content with Timberlake's acting, how the story unfolded, the cinematography, and the music worked well.

Half an hour into the movie, and the illusion begins to die. A combination of poor editing, writing, and acting left the main chunk of the plot disjointed. I felt character motivations were left of field, or at least not explained well. I felt the dialogue between characters was very stock standard, and made the characters seem hollow. I swear they repeated the "is it stealing if its already stolen" line over 10 times.

But worst of all, what let this movie down, was its coherency. I felt like there were gaps in the narrative that were lazily breezed over, and just left me confused. They also forced in a love story, which goes to show how dimensional the character can be. And I'm not sure whether the script or the editing is to blame, but they botched the pacing.

For example, How do Will and Sylvia get dry after swimming in the ocean? How do they travel to the ghetto without crossing any borders? How do they hide in the pawn shop, did they have a key? How come the timekeeper takes so long to shoot Will? How does Will disguise himself as one of Weis' guards???

I know these might seem pedantic, but for me, it ruined the believability of this film. Just look at the hotel room scene where they "arm wrestle". This scene is so sinful. Firstly, Will's technique for winning seems stupid, and only works because Fortis doesn't look like he's trying. Secondly, how come they didn't find the gun on his leg, these gangsters are terrible gangsters. And lastly, why is the acting so poor? If I were Fortis, and I saw my men get killed, and know I was about to die I might emote some fear and shock, but Pettyfer gave us nothing.

Overall, and alright film that should have put more effort into its own illusion or the precious life lessons it teaches the audience will get lost. Really, it started well, but ultimately put action and regurgitate dialogue above the plot.
How to make a cool flick--baby, it ain't hard, just rare
Yeah, Justin TImberlake can do it. He's talented and probably can do any of the related star turns in his general gestalt. Add him to a quality production where the writing takes a lesson from the cable model of writer-produced shows and it's a simple result—a movie worth watching, worth giving to. Not too many of these in cinema these days. The writer's touch is all over this with witty dialogue. Youth-market stuff is kept succinct and doesn't pander (too much). Craig Armstrong does good music, although not as good as his regular stuff. Really good electronic music is sooo powerful in film but rarely used. "In The Valley of Elah" is a good example with Mark Isham doing original stuff.

Andrew Niccol is the man here. I don't follow all the filmography (or discography), but as soon as I heard he wrote "The Truman Show" I (had to use IMDb... As Niccol is quoted Hollywood is reluctantly getting some real talent from abroad, esp the UK/empire. His earlier "Lord of War" was excellent, as was "Gattaca".

Enough can't be said of "The Truman Show". Masterpiece. As a metaphysician, this film plays with "the only new show in town". And gets it really right, not just partially like many Hollywood rewrittens. I guess they left his script alone or mostly.

"In TIme" is nothing like Truman, but shows how 'easy' it can be to write intelligently (and film the f'er). A handy analog of today's Occupy/Leftist story done really well. A good stock of UKish actors (how many of these Western pretties have they got over there eating bad cooking and staying thin? This is another invasion we need in Ad-America. He started in non- American commercials like the Scott bros (excuse all my ignorance where it shows, I have no resume for the "New Yorker" et al).

Several good leftist (truth) points made as the conceit plays out. Could actually be a great one season TV series if we traced the origin of the genetic plot and the cabal behind it, etc. Cillian Murphy and whoever played the head of the 'Minutemen' stand out.

This Niccol cat (New Zealand) reminds me of Christopher and Jonathan Nolan—INTELLIGENT. How'd they get into LA w/o being mediocre? Is a 'revolution' of some sort going on? btw, there's no end to what smarts can do with audio/video—guess how many genius scripts (as Mort Sahl once said) are in drawers in LA?
In Time - a good movie.
The Movie In Time is a good movie. Due to the youth of the lead actors I under estimated the quality of the movie. The movie was very entertaining and the story was good and it held up. The use of time to live as currency was very smart. The way short life fell on the poor and long life on the wealthy parrallels life today. In that hard time fall on the poor and the life of luxury falls on the rich. Also the way the wealthy feared danger because it was the only way to die. While the poor only had a Day at a time to live, very creative. Thus making the two lead actors bring down the system by taking back time from the many Time Banks established by the government. To reestablishing equality with the people of the time. P.S. Amanda your Eyes are Incredible, and by the way your legs are scandalously Sexy.
Not pushed far enough
In the future, science has stopped aging at 25. Everybody is allowed one more year. However there is the ability to transfer your time. Your life becomes currency and you work to earn time. In that way, society has divided into people who live day to day and people who are basically immortal. Will Salas (Justin Timberlake) lives day to day in the ghetto. Rachel Salas (Olivia Wilde) is his mother. One day he rescues a rich Henry Hamilton (Matt Bomer) who is tired of life and leaves him 116 years of time.

This is a great sci-fi concept. It's awkward to try to keep track who are older and everybody's relationships. However I feel there's something missing. The concept wasn't exploited enough. Half the time it's trying to explain the world rather than showing you the world. And the 'ghetto' isn't as rough as it ought to be. When the clock ticks down to zero, I can't believe that people aren't going crazy robbing everybody that they can. The idea of an apocalyptic world isn't pushed far enough.
Justin Timberlake CHOSE this Movie
No one seems to understand the economic and symbolic significance of this movie. Anyone who has traveled the world understands exactly what the director and Timberlake are saying. Travel the world and you will notice that everything is priced according to what each local population can afford to pay for it. Nothing is priced according to how much it costs to manufacture, but why? Because manufacturing costs have plummeted in the past few decades but pay rates have stayed the same, while retail prices have gone up? There is no such thing as the Free Market anymore, prices are set according to the country or District you live in. You sell your time for a paper currency that only has manipulated value according to what they deem products cost in your country. In Time is a symbolism of real life, of what has happened to our world.
A good fable that looks at the consequences of income equality
The movie "In Time", offers a unique look into human nature and the coarseness of humanity. The film starts off by offering a general explanation of how time can literally be bought and time is literally money. Justin Timberlake's character, Will Salas, learns this lesson the hard way when his mother does not have the means to purchase time. Salas comes into some "money" and from then on pursues a vendetta against the upper class. He comes into contact with Amanda Seyfried's character, Sylvia Weis, a girl from the right side of the tracks who is somewhat of a spoiled brat and is bored with her rich lifestyle.

The film has several common underlying themes including a look at income equality and how money is the difference between life and death. It is essentially a fable about the selfishness of humanity that means to show the path that we are headed down if the gap between the 99% and the 1% continues. In the film, each character must pay for and bank enough time within their time clock, which is embedded in their arms, in order to stay alive. The rich keeps getting richer and the poor keeps getting poorer. Will Salas is also relentless pursed by Cillian Murphy's character Raymond Leon. Leon is a timekeeper whose job it is to ensure that the poor keep a safe distance from the upper class. This is much like in real life where it seems the police are more at favor with the upper class. Many movies use the element of time to express a human need for immortality, but in this movie it is not about immortality; it is about just trying to stay alive.

Throughout the movie, you waste "time" by buying your basic needs. Coffee costs "time", the bar costs "time" etc. This provides an accurate look at the rising cost of living that we are experiencing in real life. For many, just buying basic items can make or break a person. The movie utilizes specific motifs to express the grim lives of the people who live in the "ghetto" and the people who are the upper class. One is the consistent use of the bodyguards, enshrouded in black, who are tasked to protect the rich. They drive bullet-proof heavy duty cars in order to ensure that the rich are protected. We also see the use of shiny, clean glass buildings in the better parts of town while in the poor parts of town we see drab, concrete buildings throughout. The relationship between Will Salas and Sylvia Weis is a pretty typical depiction of opposites attract.

But, what makes this movie great, is the music score that was used. The music used was a great choice. It helps to set up the mood and while the movie is set in the future, the music is reminiscent of the past and makes you connect more with the characters and their plights. The theme of the rich being separated from the poor as also been done in countless movies and more recently in the film "Elysium". Both "Elysium" and "In Time" take place in the future and we see that the rich inhabit the best areas.
Great idea, mediocre execution
Everyone is on a clock. What keeps the general population from devolving into id-driven mobs is the fact that no one knows how much time they have left on theirs. If you had a constant reminder on your forearm, however, you might simply go about your life in a desperate attempt to prolong it. Or not.

Will Salas (played by Justin Timberlake) is a 28-year-old factory worker whose one year clock started and aging stopped, like everyone else in the film, when he turned 25. He and his 50 year-old mother Rachel (played by Olivia Wilde) live in the ghettos of Dayton hoping to earn and save enough to at least see the next day. All while wages in the ghetto are constantly going down and the cost of living is constantly going up. Then, while out drinking with his friend Borel (played by Johnny Galecki), he learns of a man with more than a century left on his clock who has unadvisedly advertised his good fortune while in the same bar as Will and Borel. A local time-thief enters the picture and, rather than retreat like his friend did and advised him to do, Will comes to the aid of the fortunate stranger. While saving his life was all for naught, the stranger gives Will all the time left on his clock before allowing the time on his own clock to run out while he's sitting on a bridge overlooking a dry river basin.

"Time is money" was a phrase first coined by Benjamin Franklin. While the idea of reversing that concept to "money is time" is interesting, I don't believe the cast was up to the challenge of exploring it. Whatever success Justin Timberlake might've had in supporting roles, he doesn't have what it takes to be the leading man. Amanda Seyfried, whose role has her playing off Timberlake for a lot of the film, is another professional whose appeal tends to overshadow her abilities for some reason. Perhaps an independent production could provide actors with genuine talent, who are young enough to look the part, but this is closer some sort of CW melodrama.
The most perfect analogy of capitalism and money you will ever watch.
This film is the most perfect rendition of the world today, it should really be marked up as horror movie rather than a sci-fi.

The only difference being this movie ends well, when in reality our world is well away from that dream scenario.

When you watch this, replace time with money. Apply it to your existence on this planet, which "time zone" / "wealth bracket" you think you are in.

Re-evaluate what you think is important in life. Hate the elites and help those in more need than yourself.

This could be one of the most important films you ever watch in your life, if you have any morals of course.

Nice idea. Not great execution
In Time is actually a neat little idea for a movie. The idea that everyone on earth stops aging at the age of 25, and then from then on, money literally becomes the life force that keeps you going. You go to work to earn time. You pay your rent with time, you pay for coffee with time. People steal your time instead of your wallet. And yes, when your time runs out, then you die.

Will (Timberlake) is from the ghetto, where every day, he survives just enough to see the next one. However, one night, a stranger hands him over 100 years of time, enough to buy a nice car, move into the nice neighbourhood, and finally live like a free man. But, in a poorly explained intervention, the authorities don't like the poor getting time that easily, and Will soon is on the run with the daughter of a powerful banker, eager to make a change to this bleak world before his time runs out.

I have a problem watching these sort of movies, in that I could never envision a world where we would ever let ourselves come to this sort of situation. A bit like The Hunger Games, where I could never see us, as a civilisation, enjoying an event where teenagers kill each other. But that's one of the things with sci-fi. You need to accept what isn't currently possible. As Will kind of half-ass gets away with covering at the start, he can't explain why we got to this situation, but that's just the way it is.

The acting isn't great. Timberlake really is more suited to support roles. He was good in Alpha Dog, but clearly, leading roles maybe aren't his forte. It may not be entirely his fault, and his character is pretty-stock standard, but you can kind of tell he doesn't really have a great range of emotional acting to draw from. Amanda Seyfried, as Will's hostage-come-helper is equally flat. The usually excellent Cillian Murphy, as the dogged cop trying to track down the wrongly accused Will, is wasted in his 1-dimensional character. The script won't excite any scholars, and the action is decent but nothing special.

It's an OK movie. As I said, the idea is quite neat. But if this was going to be a great film, it needed something more, and better acting and a better script would've helped. The film is shot quite well, but it felt rushed, and that's probably why the characters seem weak and under- developed. Give it a go for the novelty of the idea, but don't expect too much.
Snappy sci-fi
Why is this movie not rated more highly? I've seen it twice now, and found it thoroughly engaging and entertaining even the second time around. The Darwinian premises are "time is literally money" and "earn money or die young". The other premises are more Hollywood fantasy: "look good" and "live forever". The conceit of being able to electronically transfer time to another person is neat, and neatly executed. I found it fairly easy to buy into. It's a gritty, snappy, sexy, well-written, well-acted science fiction film with social commentary that is not irrelevant to our modern world. Timberlake was great, as was Seyfried. OK, there were a few too many shootouts and chase scenes, but you expect that in every American movie. It's worth about 7.5 but I'll round it up.
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