Crime, Thriller, Action, Adventure, Mystery, Sci-Fi
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Christopher Nolan
Ellen Page as Ariadne
Tom Hardy as Eames
Ken Watanabe as Saito
Dileep Rao as Yusuf
Cillian Murphy as Robert Fischer
Tom Berenger as Peter Browning
Pete Postlethwaite as Maurice Fischer
Michael Caine as Miles
Lukas Haas as Nash
Tai-Li Lee as Tadashi
Claire Geare as Phillipa (3 years)
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Dazzles like cheap jewelery
While it seems ingenious to invent a cunning conceit such as the one deployed in this film it is like a novel that uses neologisms and errant grammar and punctuation: it's effects tire and it seems less than it wishes it to be.

The dramaturgy and logic of Inception is very simple and relies on a 'reductio' argument which is quite clear within 10 minutes,(and is absurd because of the logical impossibility of the argument itself like Wittgenstein's proof against skepticism) but it's true failing is not that: it is in fact the use of change and sudden effects as plot devices because once employed they heighten awe but kill any suspense or connection with the characters in the film. There is no reason or emotion in caring about characters that are chaff in a rather ordinary logician's game.

Years ago Thomas Pynchon was considered an important writer, and the author and critic (and sometime film critic) Peter Ackroyd wrote an astute review of his major work, "Gravity's Rainbow", in which he ridiculed the ease of such writing; it's deceptive cleverness; it's egoism, and its immaturity because it is so overtly obvious, and like anything childish, of no real lasting interest artistically.

Inception is that too. Instantly forgettable.
Didactic, but nonetheless a good movie.
Inception has a problem that I cannot bear: the constant that someone comes to explain the laws and how that world works. The creation of the character of Ellen Page (Ariadne) was for the sole purpose of explaining that to moviegoers. Not that it's bad, but at certain moments it seems like the movie becomes more class at school, to know how that universe works, instead of the characters in this movie live the adventure for themselves. In this aspect the film is didactic. And the space for the imagination is limited. In this aspect everything in this film is chewed, everything explained, where are the possibilities? I do not want someone to explain the universe, I want to see the characters live and react in this universe.

Yes the ending leaves open the question whether that is a dream or reality, but it is a cheap gimmick instead of letting them our imaginations fly. If at the end of the movie the experience of the characters was a dream, so it was waste of two and a half hour, at least the Matrix shows the characters in the real world, and that it was not a dream inside a dream. The tension and time invested would not be a waste of time

Not that it spoils the experience of the film, but it disturbs in some parts, mainly in the middle of the film, when the group is preparing for the assault. The concept is good, but it should be presented in a simpler way. Clearly Nolan was very ambitious in the concept of this film. But Nolan is quite integral in the proposal of his films, and he tries to put unknown concepts to the general public in such a cohesive way, even with the problem of trying to explain everything and other problems of pace are easily forgiven. Nolan tries to do his best in each of his films as if his movie was his last, as if his life depends on it. A great honesty on the part of Nolan, and this I can and I want to enjoy. Nolan is such an honest guy and scores points with me. It's the difference between the lousy movie director and an excellent director. The bad elements of Inception are not enough to spoil its qualities. The ambitious ideas of the filmmaker and the great sequences in parallel assembly that characterize his works.

Not that the idea of Inception is innovative, this idea has been copied many times in other works (Paprika, Synecdoche New York and The Matrix are the most practical and common examples). But it's the way Nolan puts these ideas in the big budget blockbuster. Let's be honest here. Smaller or lower budget films are not seen by the general public due to the absence of of large production values (a great soundtrack, great locations for filming or great special effects, etc). See these ideas or concepts in a great Hollywood blockbuster made with such quality and care, it is amazing. And these ideas are embedded in the drama of the film in such a cohesive and exemplary way; it is applauding Nolan's professional integrity. This is why Nolan movies are so well received, he tries to put in these Hollywood blockbusters something more, something common in indie or smaller films, but with the financial aspect of the great studios to provide a better technical quality.

Obviously there is quality on this movie; the large parallel sequences are exemplary. The parallel between the Van sequences, the hotel with the Joseph Gordon-Levitt (when character is awake in the elevator), the peak at the military base in the snow and the desolate city of Cobb and Mal is almost perfectly made with an all- encompassing soundtrack. Of course the sequences of action are lousy . And many dialogues are very weak. Two weaknesses in Nolan's movies.Bad things come with the good things. I suspect that the bad action scenes of Inception and Dark Knight were the reason why Nolan turned DKR into an action movie instead of trying to tell a good story, Nolan's ego should have been hurt by the criticism as he directs his action scenes in these two films. Particularly Inception and the action sequence in the snow with Tom Hardy. Too bad, sorry.

But the performances are amazing, particularly Marion Cotillard as Mal. There are many layers in the various characters which Nolan conducts with mastery and the way they are inserted into the film is almost perfectly. Particularly in the initial sequence (which I thought would be a scene to showcase special effects, and Nolan proved me wrong). Or in the scene between Ariadne and Cobb, when Cobb tries to explain how his wife dies, and then discovered new layers of the character to reveal that in fact, he did have to do with the death of his wife. Of course this will be important to the outcome of the film. It is this ability to put the scenes and the flashbacks in certain key moments of the plot that Nolan shows much quality, and one of his long lists of virtues.

Inception is a movie like any movie; it has its flaws, but also its virtues. But, for me the qualities overlap the defects, and in the end the movie is well worth watching. But is its legendary statute being worthy? If Inception was released in the 1980's would it have the same impact in that decade, as it had in 2010? Currently the commercial movies in Hollywood are in crisis. We live in an era of remakes, superhero movies and franchise fatigue without the studios or directors making an effort to improve with originality or at least with a little more original concepts. Inception's credit could be lower if today's Hollywood was not in such a decadent state. But nonetheless, Inception is still a good movie.
Insanely Brilliant ! Nolan has outdone himself !!
What is the most resilient parasite? An Idea! Yes, Nolan has created something with his unbelievably, incredibly and god- gifted mind which will blow the minds of the audience away. The world premiere of the movie, directed by Hollywood's most inventive dreamers, was shown in London and has already got top notch reviews worldwide and has scored maximum points! Now the question arises what the movie has that it deserve all this?

Dom Cobb(Di Caprio) is an extractor who is paid to invade the dreams of various business tycoons and steal their top secret ideas. Cobb robs forcefully the psyche with practiced skill, though he's increasingly haunted by the memory of his late wife, Mal (Marion Cotillard), who has a nasty habit of showing up in his subconscious and wreaking havoc on his missions. Cobb had been involved so much in his heist work that he had lost his love!

But then, as fate had decided, a wealthy business man Saito( Ken Watanabe) hands over the responsibility of dissolving the empire of his business rival Robert Fischer Jr.(Cillian Murphy). But this time his job was not to steal the idea but to plant a new one: 'Inception'

Then what happens is the classic heist movie tradition. To carry out the the task, Cobb's 'brainiac' specialists team up again with him, Arthur (Joseph Gordon-Levitt), his longtime organizer; Tom Hardy (Eames), a "forger" who can shapeshift at will; and Yusuf (Dileep Rao), a powerful sedative supplier.

There is only one word to describe the cinematography, the set designs and the special effects, and that is Exceptional! You don't just watch the scenes happening, you feel them. The movie is a real thrill ride. The action scenes are well picturised and the music by Hans Zimmer is electronically haunting. Never, in the runtime of the movie, you will get a chance to move your eyes from the screen to any other object.

Leonardo, who is still popularly known for Jack Dawson played by him in Titanic, should be relieved as his role as Dom Cobb will be remembered forever. His performance may or may not fetch him an Oscar but it will be his finest performance till date. The supporting cast too did an extraordinary work. Christopher Nolan, ah! what a man he is. His work is nothing less than a masterpiece and he deserves all the awards in the 'Best Director' category. If "Inception" is a metaphysical puzzle, it's also a metaphorical one: It's hard not to draw connections between Cobb's dream-weaving and Nolan's film making, intended to seduce us, mess with our heads and leave an ever-lasting impression.

To conclude, I would just say before your life ends, do yourself a favor by experiencing this exceptionally lucid classic created by Nolan!

My Rating: 10/10

Thanks & Regards
Lost in its own complexities
A visual Tour De Force that gets lost in its own complex world, Inception stars Leonardo DiCaprio as Dom Cobb; a rogue 'extractor' who steals elements of dreams and sells them to the highest bidder, all in the name of corporate espionage. But things start to go drastically wrong when Cobb takes on a seemingly impossible job and his dead wife turns up to make trouble.

Ingenious but convoluted, Inception may not be to everyone's taste – but it is undoubtedly a Chris Nolan picture; the same man who gave us Memento, The Prestige and of course, The Dark Knight. The problem is that for all the slick visuals and clever narrative structures, we end up with something cold, clinical and frustratingly diffuse.

Why Inception falters, and I appreciate that I may be in the minority, is that for such a surreal and imaginative concept to work, it requires an equally surreal and imaginative mind, and Nolan is just too conservative and too technical for the content. It might have made a more interesting film had it been directed by P.T Anderson or, dare I say it, Terry Gilliam.
What is the most resilient parasite?
It could possibly be Leonardo DiCaprio. That's a bit harsh – I know he has to eat too – but does he have to always play the same sanctimonious, pedantic, self-righteous know-it-all? And he's been in some bad movies recently. "Revolutionary Road" was a potentially good movie, but he always comes off as immature. "Shutter Island" was so transparent that I guessed the ending about 10 minutes in. But, this is supposed to be about "Inception"...

Yes, "Inception", a movie so simplistic that I yawned throughout. My (lucky) wife fell asleep claiming that it wasn't of interest to her. What claimed to be a smart, intelligent thriller, turned out to be the usual bag of guns, explosions, chases, etc. The plot, paper-thin and without any real point, is a yawn-fest of borrowed ideas and takes liberally from movies we've seen before. Is 10 years really soon enough to remake "The Matrix" (with Ellen Page as Neo)? Dennis Quaid in "Dreamscape" is far more entertaining. "Videodrome" is way more complex and intriguing, a movie that makes the viewer work.

While the acting is fair enough for an action flick, there isn't much to say about the movie at all. It's pretty 1-dimensional and quite dumb. What really irks me is the fact that I was told repeatedly about how this movie was so complex, complicated, hard to understand, etc. It's really not. It just uses a nonsensical plot device; that of layered dreaming, to try and outwit the audience. While completely ridiculous – isn't a dream within a dream just part of the same dream? – it's also not hard to grasp. Is the bar really that low? What would the audience that this bamboozled make of a movie like "Primer" which is one of the most complex movies ever devised. Even "Mission Impossible" had more plot twists and turns than this drivel.

To be honest it was barely just okay. It was boring like a bus-ride through Nebraska. Your mind is the scene of the crime? I didn't see much of any crime - just some folks trying to get a guy to change his mind. Big deal. Michael Caine is even becoming a Director's Trademark. His two minutes on-screen were gratuitous at best, certainly not a requirement to the story.

So, to wrap up: boring, simple-minded, dumb, nonsensical plot with no 'science' and barely any 'fiction', less-than-average acting, annoying constant music while people are talking, convenient 'get-outs' when the logic of the story fails, which is frequently. Wow, I actually think I hate this movie.
Pretentious crowd pleaser
It is obvious people do enjoy psychological thrillers, virtual reality, and Leonardo DiCaprio. Inception, having it all, will astonish and marvel crowds of cinema goers into thinking they are smart and profound just for getting or liking the movie. I have to say, I admire the movie's performance into tricking its viewers like that; because that's what it is, a trick. A dream within a dream, and doesn't that sound attractive...

It is the kind of movie that gets nominated for Oscar just for its crowd pleasing abilities, and Oscars are born within the capitalist world and needs all the capital it can get. Just like Avatar got nominated in the "best movie" category... I've read some review saying Inception could be the movie of the decade; obviously, the guy didn't see that many movies in the last ten years; there are better movies in 2010 only, and a bunch of them.

I'm not saying the movie is bad; it's a good movie for its genre; what I didn't like about it is the fuss it created (and that fuss will disappear like it disappeared before for other crowd adored films), but mostly its lack of authenticity, therefore its PRETENTIOUSNESS.

This is not a gem - it is a pile of dust in the eyes.
What a far fetched story
I was on the verge of leaving the Cinema on this completely ridiculously story. I hung in there (also despite the insanely annoying music) though, and am simply shocked that the film has (currently) a top 3 position of movies ever made. Perhaps I have entered a (bad) dream and have not yet woken up...

So the backdrop of the story is basically that a bunch of guys drug people and enter a dream world using a plastic box with wires attached to those entering the dream. In this dream they use the same technique (the box and drugs are now just apart of THIS dream..) to enter another dream. This process can be repeated a number of times - and in the movie they go to the fourth dream-layer. If you are killed while dreaming you will wake up - unless you are too heavily sedated (in real-life, or also in one of the dreams?..), which will then put you in a "limbo" state - which can potentially last for years. If you want to get out of a dream safely - you need to be "kicked" (sharp acceleration) in the dream-layer above the one you are currently in. If you are unsure if you are dreaming or not, you have a "totem" (a physical object that for some unspecified reason behaves differently in a dream - why?) that you can examine.

I just hate it. Simply hate it...

The only good thing I see in this movie is the ending: DiCaprio sees his kids again - but they look exactly as they have done in his dreams - they have not aged at all. This means that he is still dreaming and he is therefore stuck in a new limbo dream world - and will be there for a LONG time. Phew... that means there won't be a sequel until he wakes up again. Unless it is me that's still dreaming.
Inception = deception by insipid reviewers
I waited patiently to see this in my updated home theater on Blu-ray with anticipation and excitement, mainly based on the high scores given it by IMDb and the knowledge that it had everything; cast, sound, scenery, story, etc. OK, it looked impressive, it was loud enough, but after 2 ½ hours my jaw was on floor in utter amazement at how stupid people can be praising this trash - lemmings. But maybe it's explainable: The ten star reviews here are from those either involved directly in the marketing of this film or 9 year old boys using their parents credentials to praise an adolescent epic or… I suppose idiots who swallow tripe and enjoy making recommendations to others about how yummy their tripe tasted. The latter I almost doubt as the intellectually challenged might have difficulty in forming sentences and operating a computer machine so just who are these thousands of reviewers praising theatrical garbage? It absolutely has to be my first guess; Armies of trolls hired by the makers of Crapception.

I can't even get myself to offer my reasons for disliking this film as there's nothing to review but I'll try: The repetitive overlapping of scenes seemed more to me like a demo video testing the CGI production equipment. The complete absence of explanation as to how someone can actually share a dream I feel was the biggest hole, and the hole just got deeper and deeper and more deep and then deeper still resulting in probably the most shallow of scripts ever produced for that much money.

I typically like DiCaprio but the Cisco girl; Ellen Page was annoying, felt like I had a bad Juno dream during a TV commercial selling conferencing equipment and a horribly dressed adolescent was trapped in my dream spun mind. OK, that last sentence could have come straight from the writers pen of this horrible script.

Not all is lost however, a valuable lesson was learned in how I will now use IMDb. I feel I can no longer rely on the score of films here and will, instead, sort reviews by lowest rank and make my viewing decisions from there. My biggest disappointment is the watering down of what once was a great resource for movie choices: IMDb. Since I'm a movie addict I've relied on IMDb since its inception, pun intended, but with Inception's 8.7 score I now see the source data is tainted and the source unreliable. IMDb might be able to fix this by taking measures to identify the reviewers and allow us to sort by them: Kids, adults, trolls, (multiple reviews from a single IP address for example) OK, maybe it's not that easy, the WEB is fraught with mistruths and deception for insipid products and offerings so why would my favorite web site be immune from this condition? I give this film 2 stars for pretty colors and loud noises.
A competent movie that somehow has gotten a ridiculous amount of praise. I felt just about everything in this movie was average, but I am sick of being berated for refusing to say this movie is anything less than perfect. A decent premise, well acted, but long and slow. Unfortunately this movie is riddled with mistakes and the subplot with the wife could have been so much more interesting than her barely getting a look in. Some good moments, but not enough to make it as long as it was for me.

Also, was it just me, or were the kids the same age at the end of film? If so then doesn't this mean that the is he in a dream or not ending (which I saw coming as soon as they introduced the spinning top by the way) is pointless as if the kids haven't aged, it must be a dream.

Don't believe the hype!
don't believe the reviews, they were written by children
I don't actually consider this to be an awful film but felt that a note of restraint should be applied to the gushing superlatives thus far enjoyed by a film that simply doesn't deserve them.

It is a decent story reasonably well told. The direction is intelligent but probably led by the nose by a script that more or less demands sensational action sequences and often contrived drama and emotion.

Leonardo DiCaprio coasts through the film with a perfunctory performance which left me caring little about his character. The supporting cast, again, perform well enough but do nothing out of the ordinary.

The special effects are spectacular and beautifully choreographed but one can't help feeling that this is why many younger reviewers were seduced so successfully.

It is a good film and certainly entertaining but, at times, it was muddled and from time to time one couldn't help thinking, 'why don't they just use hypnosis' or some other suggestive technique. It seemed to be a long way to a short cut.

I am perhaps being churlish in that respect since one ought to suspend belief to a degree when watching this sort of simplistic, banal sci fi fairy tale. One reviewer reckoned that this was up there with 'The French Connection' or 'The Godfather'. It is a long, long way short of that.
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