USA, Canada
Crime, Thriller, Mystery, Horror
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Peter Spierig , Michael Spierig
Callum Keith Rennie as Detective Halloran
Shaquan Lewis as Officer Solomon
Sam Koules as Melissa
Josiah Black as Edgar Munsen
Hannah Emily Anderson as Eleanor Bonneville
Matt Passmore as Logan Nelson
Michael Boisvert as Lee James
Clé Bennett as Detective Keith Hunt
Tobin Bell as Jigsaw / John Kramer
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Saw It All Before
Wait. Was this PG-13? It sure felt like it was and Expendable.

The most positive thing I could say about Part Eight of the Saw franchise is that the crew knew what made the latter part of the series' memorable: flashbacks, twists, bad acting and terrible dialogue.

Maybe it was a hindrance that I decided to spend the entire 7 days prior to Jigsaw's release watching one Saw movie a day. Maybe I was sawed out.

In a series that I originally thought got progressively worse, I found a little comfort in how closely tied the first seven were. It did feel like one long (approx.) 11-hour miniseries and, yeah, that did make the series feel complete. And when it was over, it needed to be over. I was glad it was over.

Speaking of over, this is absolute overkill, only less on the killing. It was so mild, so held-back, my original positive turns into a negative whereas the creators forgot how much blood there should be.

Basically, it's 10 years later and immediately as the movie opens, the game begins again. As in Saw-lore, the movie shifts from the cop side to a Jigsaw game.

Will there be twists? Sure, but you predict them from the start. Will there be red herrings? Of course, but like the twists, you'll know who's behind this. Will there be redemption? Well, not for the series.

The games played were enormously lame, the tired setups seem ancient and the gore factor was so dialed back, I thought I was watching the most gruesome scenes from the "vampire" movie, Twilight. Extremely minor things were updated (new technology – sort of – from the last outings,) but barely anything was new or brought in to refresh the series. Well, except laughs.

Some of the traps were so hilariously bad, I seriously couldn't figure out if that was intentional or not. Perhaps they were meant as jokes to poke fun at their own series as the characters did constantly mock the designs as well. (If this was the case, then I will give them credit for that.)

This movie did have potential, but it felt like it was written as quickly as the previously 1-per-year scripts. Only, this time they had 7 years to come up with something! They just blew it with a rehash of one of the worst in the original seven.

I wouldn't recommend seeing Saw: Legacy, er, I mean, Saw VIII, um, Jigsaw!


Final thoughts: After my Sawathon, here's how they rank:

1. Saw (★★★★/5 Stars.)

2. Saw II (★★★★/5 Stars.)

3. Saw III (★★★½/5 Stars.)

4. Saw VI (★★★/5 Stars.)

5. Saw IV (★★★/5 Stars.)

6. Saw V (★★½/5 Stars.)

7. Saw 3D (★★/5 Stars.)

8. Jigsaw (★½/5 Stars.)
Not worth watching
Hollywood's cash cow advantage for Halloween. The traps were meh. Too tamed compared to other saw movies. The twist at the end was awful nearly the whole movie turns out to be one big flashback. Flashbacks are starting to become an annoying cliché both in movies and TV series. It's a sequel that didn't need to be made. I recommend not bothering with this one.
Runs on fumes to give old 'Saw' fans a mild jolt of nostalgia.
I won't lie I was a huge fan of the 'Saw' series during it's heyday in the 00's. It became a Halloween tradition to revisit them and pick apart their secrets. The DVD's were will worn especially the first one. And so seeing 'Jigsaw' was kind of a nostalgic trip... and really it was like revisiting an old friend you've kind of outgrown. That isn't to say I didn't like it because it is essentially the same thing as the previous entries. This is really just for the people who were hardcore fans of 'Saw' nobody else is going to get anything from it mainly because it takes absolutely no risks at all. I know having a lack of ingenuity is not a new criticism for horror films but 'Saw' kept me a little more interested because of Tobin Bell and the depths of his character. That being said it should be no surprise that 'Jigsaw's lack of Tobin Bell results in it being a sub par 'Saw' film.

The thing that kept me coming back to 'Saw' year after year was Tobin Bell. The problem was they eventually killed him (and truth be told 'Saw III' was a perfect ending). In 'Saw IV' they realized you could revisit his character in flashbacks, the effect was that the series time line and chronologically became extremely convoluted. I have to give 'Saw' a little credit as they tried their damnedest to juggle these story threads and try to make some sense of the whole thing as new killers and accomplices were added to Jigsaw's master plans. It sort of worked but in keeping with having this slim sense of semi-credible storytelling Bell's John Kramer was reduced to less and less screen time as the series fizzled out to it's finish. 'Jigsaw's greatest challenge and storytelling conceit is to how they bring back Bell. Leave it to them they do it and it sort of works in a cool way with the 'Saw' tradition of playing with chronological storytelling. Honestly though it probably would have been easier to remake or reboot 'Saw'. I don't see how 'Jigsaw' can bring back the series because an already complicated narrative will become impossible to follow by the seeds planted here.

That's really all there is to say. No other character is going to be as interesting as Bell's John Kramer. The movie can be a chore when he is not on screen(and really his presence is nothing but an extended cameo). Fans of 'Saw's gore and macabre traps and settings are going to be very disappointed in 'Jigsaw'. It is far too clean and sterile looking a movie. Also although not a criticism 'Jigsaw' is very mild, Bryan Fuller's 'Hannibal' had far more explicit gore on network television.

It doesn't really work well but I must admit I did get a wave of horror nostalgia when John Kramer came back. It's a totally unnecessary film but it was worth a cheap Halloween matinée.
saw this, saw that, saw everything
I was never a huge fan of the Saw series. I enjoyed the first one which I thought personally was a pretty excellent horror movie. However after the first film, which did have a nice theme about life, the Saw films became more and more gore over substance. In the sequels the only major factor for these films to exist were the violent traps. We had the alleged Final Chapter in 2010, but when there is a chance for the franchise to make money again, I guess it wasn't. This installment I will say is the best Saw sequel we have had up to this point (which really doesn't say much). Years after the events of the previous chapter, the Jigsaw killer has returned. However is it John Kramer or not? This is the question that the main characters of the film try to answer. However the plot is so uninteresting but also confusing, especially when keeping in mind the other chapters. I will say though continuity has never been a strength of the Saw films. The characterizations were also unimaginative, and had nothing to say. They weren't even interesting. So we have a murder mystery without a compelling story, uninteresting characters and no interesting ideas. The film doesn't even have the luxury of offering any scares. Yea sure there were the easy jump scares, but I was never shivering when seeing this. The traps are also not that gruesome, so even in that category it fails. The only thing I will say about this film is that everyone is trying. The direction is somewhat competent, all the actors are trying (some work, some don't) and they try to take Saw back to the roots of the original.
Don't bother...
It is just bad with nothing actually making it worth watching... The plot does not make any sense, the acting is not good (to say the least), and the gore/suspense which is the trademark of the Saw movies is disappointing with nothing to actually make you jump on your seat. It is just disappointing.
Awful, just awful...
Saw is the manifestation of a movie that was written just to milk some money off the brand. The acting is bad, the story is full of wholes. Nothing makes sense in this movie and not in a smart - you have to think about it - way. Save yourself some money and go watch something else.
I think Jigsaw as sadistic as other Saws
Dear readers, so here is I watched Jigsaw as part of millennial generation who loves to watch popular Hollywood movie and yes, Jigsaw is part of cliché Hollywood horror movie: sadistic, full of surprises, and franchise with no ending series. If I am not mistaken, Jigsaw is the 8th Saw movies, since the 1st when I was still in high school. The center of this story is just the same, the old man, even I forgot the name, but his face is really amazing as a real psycho: no expression, no smile, and clear sentences. Well, for Jigsaw the plot is not so surprise because it is connected with previous Saws, but the ending is really sadistic, that makes me remember about Squid. Okay, that's enough. If not, I will be a spoiler. Enjoy Jigsaw with your friends!!
"Bloody" Awesome !
I'm a huge fan of the Saw franchise & I never saw this coming a Prequel an a Sequel all rolled into one , my mind is blown away . Jigsaw is brilliantly written as they all are , the traps are especially good & the twist was incredible "spoiler coming" that we were watching a prequel game all along ! and the reveal of Jigsaw so we think he's alive ! my jaw was on the floor ! the 7 years has been worth the wait as Jigsaw exceeded my expectation .
Autistic Reviewers Opinion Of This Movie.
The moment the Jigsaw movie starts it wastes no time into getting straight to the point and straight into the action. We thrown straight into the "Jigsaw" traps that we all know and love, only this time the game is more harder and the traps are very well thought out, and surprisingly there's not that much blood.

The acting is decent by everyone involved. No one really stood out that much except for the legendary Tobin Bell who plays Jigsaw (which you see in flashbacks). The direction was fine, and the entire set up was fine. Another thing we will say is that the entire pace of the film moved along very nicely, never a dull moment. There are loads of killings in the movie and each kill is done in a very stylized way so needless to say the body count is very high! To be honest The Saw Movies have just got old and it's time to stop making them. It's just getting way too much. There's nothing wrong with this movie really, it's all good fun and it's decent stuff, but it's just time to stop with these Jigsaw Movies. Jigsaw died 10 years ago and all these copy cat effects are just getting old. It is worth seeing, because it is fun and thrilling enough to see. 3/5 stars. Jay And Nick.
A short review of "Jigsaw" (2017)
I'm going along with the crowd today where "Jigsaw" (2017) is concerned; I concur entirely with the other reviews I've read. It's a story fraught with logical problems, but it's entertaining enough to please fans of the franchise (of whom I am one). Based on my own enjoyment of the movie, I'd rate it an 8 out of 10.

Yes, some of it doesn't makes sense. And the twists and coincidences seem pretty forced. There was another problem for me, as well — at this point, the writers seem to have run out of ideas for the film series' trademark moralizing booby traps. (The one involving a grain silo is particularly uninspired, and seems like something out a Bugs Bunny cartoon.)

But what the hell. I'd be lying if I said that this was a movie that didn't distract and scare me. I think what attracts me to the "Saw" films is not the blood and gore. (Gory horror movies are a dime a dozen.) It's the character concept behind their brilliant, merciless killer — he's like a combination of James Moriarty, Rube Goldberg and one of the Inquisitors of old.

Besides, I still like the twists. They may be forced, but they always take me by surprise despite my best efforts to predict them.

And I think every movie is made better by the addition of Callum Keith Rennie. (He's a shady, grizzled police detective here, though he's far better than so clichéd a role.) I've always thought Rennie was terrific — he deserves the lead role in some sort of extremely dark anti-hero film. (Are they remaking 2005's "Constantine" anytime soon?)
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