Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides
Action, Adventure, Fantasy
IMDB rating:
Rob Marshall
Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow
Sam Claflin as Philip
Greg Ellis as Groves
Óscar Jaenada as The Spaniard
Damian O'Hare as Gillette
Anton Lesser as Lord John Carteret
Keith Richards as Captain Teague
Penélope Cruz as Angelica Teach
Kevin McNally as Joshamee Gibbs
Richard Griffiths as King George
Ian McShane as Blackbeard
Roger Allam as Prime Minister Henry Pelham
Geoffrey Rush as Barbossa
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A waste
If the bar hadn't been set so tremendously high with the first three installments of the POTC franchise, you wouldn't be so disappointed with this film.

Gone is the clever storyline that made the first three so interesting. Gone are the characters that made them so worth watching. Gone are the rich and clear settings, that made everything stand out so crisp and believable.

POTC is (was) simply one of the most breathtaking, entertaining, and masterful series of motion pictures EVER. The characters, imagination, storyline, plot lines, music, setting, photography, special effects, and overall, spine tingling INTEREST are completely missing from this latest installment.

The ENTIRE picture is shot in dreary, overcast settings that compel ZERO interest or imagination. In fact, when they get to the edge of the cliff, it suddenly brought back the last time Jack was faced with a situation in picture two, and the contrast was more than sharp. The fun, fantasy, imagination, and utter whimsy of the previous picture was completely robbed with the current situation, where Blackbeard threatens to shoot his daughter unless Jack jumps off the cliff. (Oh, so wonderful.) Barbarossa the pirate is no better. He looks more than 10 years older in this picture, and I couldn't get over his heavily lidded eyes and odd hair and beard treatment. It wasn't until the very last scene, where he becomes captain of Blackbeard's ship that a smidgen of the previous movies returns.

If this were a stand alone movie, made completely apart from the previous three, would it stand on its own. Barely, at best. But that's the point. This WASN'T made in a vacuum, and all the story-points from the previous movies were utterly missing from this dreary tale.

The original three movies were good productions made by professionals at the zenith of their craft. Virtually EVERY SINGLE ASPECT of those movies is flawless. The inventive story-lines, the tremendous special effects, the humorous character pairings, the masterful production values and thrilling musical score, all combined to achieve a cinematic accomplishment never seen before. Utterly masterful in every meaningful respect. Crisp, scintillating, compelling, and thoroughly watchable.

In comparison, this current picture was made by a completely different production team, and had NONE of the excellent qualities found in the first three. Jack Sparrow was really the only one who kept this movie together; all the others, including Barbarossa and Gibbs, were wooden and lackluster in comparison.

IMDb says the budget was a quarter of a BILLION dollars, and that it grossed a cool billion at the box office. That tells you how strong the previous three were; that fans would venture their money in hopes of seeing something from the originals even though initial reviews warned it was a dog. They went to see it anyway, (just like me.) Any positive review of this movie is given strictly in deference to the originals.

I'm not sorry I watched it, if only to see how the mighty can fall. No doubt, this movie was not poorly made, but it turned out poorly anyway. Depp made $30 million, I'm told. Not bad for three months work. Definitely produced as a cash cow, and on that level, it succeeded. Don't look for anymore, though. Only in a TV series could you get any more life out of this franchise. (I'm sorry they decided to make it.)
The best since the original Pirates
I would like to begin by saying that I very rarely review films anymore, but after reading many reviews for this film by various critics I felt compelled to give my own verdict. Purely because every review I have read has been unnecessarily venomous, and simply seemed to trash the film and its two predecessors at every given opportunity. I am a fan of the Pirates trilogy, the original is by far the best, and three may have some problems with its convoluted storyline, but there is nothing wrong with Dead Man's Chest and as a trilogy they all worked very well. This fourth instalment like the others is great fun, the storyline may not be Oscar worthy stuff but neither was the storyline in the others. It is an entertaining fantasy flick that you can sit back, relax and enjoy. The idea that Johnny Depp has become bored of the character of Jack Sparrow and plays him in this film as a shadow of his former self, is simply ludicrous. Depp is on top form in this movie, brilliant for me considering following the awful performance in Alice in Wonderland I had begun doubting him somewhat. On Stranger Tides is easily the best movie since the original, and I would be more than happy to sit through another two films.

Now onto the performances. As previously mentioned Depp is simply outstanding as Jack Sparrow. By putting him to the forefront means we get to spend more time with him, though thankfully the writers hold back on having him on screen too much. His one liners, especially one involving a Spanish Convent had me in stitches. His relationship with Angelica (Penelope Cruz) really adds that extra bit of spice to the film. It also helps that Cruz and Depp have outstanding chemistry together. While the character of Angelica can be a bit complicated at times, her motives are vague at best, this can be overshadowed by the fact Cruz plays her with some real gusto. Geoffrey Rush as Barbossa for me really stole the show, and it seems the writers gave him quite a bit more storyline this time as well. The idea of moving him to the kings navy really played off, and his scenes for me were definitely a highlight of the film. Ian McShane is a great villain, while not as good as Davey Jones or Barbossa for that matter, he still has a great storyline and some really menacing moments to make him a worthy adversary.

My one major issue with this movie would be the storyline of the missionary and the mermaid. While thankfully it isn't given enough screen time to be a really annoyance, I do question its point in the first place. Keira Knightly and Orlando Bloom are not remotely missed, so why try a romance replacement which just isn't that good. The mermaid action scene however is a thing to behold. As said the storyline is not amazing, the quest for the fountain of youth is entertaining and it has less betrayals than the far too long At World's End, but it isn't a story that will be winning awards. Nevertheless it maintains your interest and never feels like an excuse to get to the next action scene as it was in something like Transformers 2. The fact it is a one story arc is also a nice breath of fresh air following the second and third movies. Overall this is a great Summer movie, the kids will love it, and if you're a pirates fan you will also love it. The trashing of this film to me is slightly irritating as this is genuinely a very good film that deserves recognition. I will stand by the Pirates films until I genuinely see one that is rubbish, this film is a great Summer blockbuster and anyone that looks at it otherwise must either be deluded or trashing on it because they no longer see Pirates as "cool". I cannot recommend this film quite enough, just go out, watch it and have a great laugh, I know I did.
Muddled Script With Poor Direction
When out of ideas throw whatever is leftover from the Pirate era, including the Fountain of Youth, Mermaids,Penelope Cruz and Judi Dench.

What were they thinking , only about the "Benjamins."

Johhny Depp recreates for the 4th and hopefully the final time Jack Sparrow ,the displaced Captain of the ill-fated Black Peral, that actually makes a cameo. The lovely and very talented Penelope Cruz is mostly wasted as the daughter of Captain Blackbeard ,Angelica Teach. Captain Blackbeard(Ian McShane) is nothing more than a twisted evil anachronism with no redeeming qualities, really.

So while on a quest to find the Fountain of Youth, they encounter mermaids,2 silver chalices on a poorly placed pirate ship and some chases and more dribble. So that's about it. Pass. 5 star out of 10. Geoffrey Rush also returns as Captain Barbarossa for another paycheck. AArrrrr...
pirates of the Caribbean :on stranger tides-"Amazing" backgrounds....a whole new beginning.
out of the rest of the pirates movie , this one lacked a little bit of sudden turn of events which made the movie a little slow....Still the story was amazing creating a last moment of forthcoming thrill and interest with jack with "his pearl" and and his own fleet of ships.

The role of Barbossa was amazing with gradual display of his usual deception and pride of a "Pirate".Not much to go with Blackbeard.cast taken together is also good with the breath taking and beautiful Penelope Cruz to give them the boost(although she was showing in some places which strengthened the story ending)

Too predictable with the thing with the switch of the chalices. Most of the parts of the movie were predictable,very predictable.But for those who haven't watched the previous pirates movie 100 times before,the new one would be an absolute delight and a treat.
Well, at least it's not as bad as the last one...
Though that isn't really saying much, is it? Most people seem to agree that the first POTC movie was/is/and ever shall remain the best of the franchise. It took me repeated viewings, but over time the second film grew on me and I've since come to rather enjoy it. It was over-long, yes, but at least it was *fun*...unlike the third film, which was - to put it mildly - a mess. So where does this latest film rank? Well, as with the three films before it, On Stranger Tides runs for far too long...but then, we've come to expect that with these movies, haven't we? If only the filmmakers could learn that making the films run for an excessive amount of time does not automatically mean there is more joy to be had. Quite the opposite, in fact. This one has a rather long/slow beginning, and I didn't think things really picked up until the mermaid scene - which was quite a wonder to behold. It's easily the best/most memorable part of the movie. A shame that we took so long to get there.

As far as the actors go, Johnny Depp does his thing as Captain Jack Sparrow. Jack's still his usual old self, but appears to actually show concern for other people from time to time, which is nice. Depp *is* Captain Jack Sparrow, there's no doubt about it. Even when things get boring, he can always be relied upon to brighten up any scene that he's in (hell, even Jack loves himself so much so that he's willing to kiss himself...or, you know, someone pretending to be him - three guesses who that turns out to be). Penélope Cruz is good as Angelica (the maybe daughter of Blackbeard). She's sufficiently feisty and holds her own against Jack. The best exchanges between the two come at the end, when they seemingly part ways (though if you stay after the end credits, you will see possible set-up for how Angelica might find her way back into Jack's life again).

And what of Angelica's maybe father, Blackbeard? Well...at least they got the flaming beard part of him right. Other than that, I didn't find Ian McShane particularly menacing in the role. For a pirate who's supposedly so feared by all, he's really not that fearsome (though the writers try to make him so by having him at one point flambé someone with his ship. Yes, apparently it has flame-throwers in the front of it). Honestly, the most memorable thing about him was watching him meet his fate at the end. He just doesn't compare to Bill Nighy's Davy Jones.

With the Will & Elizabeth storyline pretty much wrapped up at the end of the last film, in place of Orlando Bloom & Keira Knightley are newbies Sam Claflin & Àstrid Bergès-Frisbey as Philip and Syrena (he's a missionary man and she's a mermaid). Philip's main purpose seems to be getting slashed or stabbed. Whereas at least Syrena has an 'other-worldliness' about her and is interesting to watch, thanks to Bergès-Frisbey's portrayal of her. She's really quite something. Whilst spending most of her time in a water-filled box, her character *does* serve a purpose in the long run and helps Jack out (we also get to see her have an Ariel moment and gain legs on land). The 'love story' - if one can call it that - between the two characters is left open-ended. Sadly, the first and most fearsome of the mermaids who we meet - Tamara (played by Aussie Gemma Ward) - is only on screen for the briefest of times. I wish we could have seen more of her, as she really was entrancing. But, hey, at least we got to hear her pretty singing. Yes, like all the films before it, this one has singing (though nowhere near as lame/annoying as the gallows singing in the last film).

Geoffrey Rush is back as Barbossa, though not as we remember him - he's now one of the "King's men" and has a peg leg. Rush is at his best when playing off of Depp, and there's a rare serious moment between Barbossa and Jack when they're tied to trees. Kevin McNally also returns as Gibbs. Frustratingly, he spends most of his time separated from Jack, but they're thankfully reunited at the very end. The rest of the secondary characters are all pretty much unmemorable and/or pointless.

The film looks great of course, and the score is what you've come to expect. While the main POTC theme is as memorable as ever, the new Blackbeard 'theme' is, like him, pretty forgettable.

If things had been trimmed out of the first half of the movie, it might have actually been really good, but there are long periods that appear to be massive wastes of time and numerous sword fights that seem ultimately pointless. The scene where we first see Jack encounter Angelica is memorable, but perhaps that's because it shares similarities to the scene from the first film where Jack met Will. Truly, the one stand-out scene from this new film is the mermaid attack. It's very nicely shot, and quite creepy/tense/exciting. One thing the filmmakers have reined in a bit is the over-use of CGI. It's used to better effect here - the mermaid's tails, for example - rather than just tossing in as much of it as they can like they did last time.

Where things end, yes, there's definitely room for a sequel...but really, is there much point at this stage? While this film is an improvement over the last one (and nowhere near as convoluted), it's still not what I'd class as 'great'. I much prefer the first two, but still, this one is worth seeing if you just can't get enough of pirates, Captain Jack or fang-y mermaids.
What happened to this movie?
Johnny Depp, Geoffrey Rush and Penelope Cruz as actors, Terry Rossio and Ted Elliott as screenwriters, Hans Zimmer as a composer, a book that is said to be totally okay as a base - what can go wrong in a movie like this? Well... everything. There was not a single moment at which I really connected with either the story or any of the characters. While I went out of "At world's end" after three hours feeling like it had been at most one and a half, I started looking at my watch twenty minutes into this movie, thinking "When will this get really started?"

This film was clearly aimed at a younger audience than the previous ones, and so were most of the jokes. All in all there's a definite feeling of having seen it all before, with a predictable plot and soulless acting. What hurt only a little in comparison to everything else: the secret heroine of the previous movies, the Black Pearl, almost didn't appear at all.

I was also disappointed by the music. Well, Hans Zimmer is always above average, but there's nothing new at all to this score, unlike in parts 2 and 3 that got new themes each.

In my opinion, if you liked the previous films, stick to Gore Verbinski rather than the Pirates of the Caribbean. It seems to be only about the money now.
Getting Old and Tiresome
Here's a franchise that definitely needs to be put to bed and fast. Directed by Rob Marshall, "Pirates of the Caribbean, On Stranger Tides" is mostly a bore and more rehash and retread than anything else. Depp and Rush are back at it as their characters, but the characters themselves have completely worn out their welcome. The story is over-long, and has a couple of fairly interesting sequences - one being Depp's initial escape from the King of England, and two a Mermaid "battle", but these last only a scant 20 min of the bloated 130 min runtime. I fast-forwarded through a good chunk of this movie. You'd think they'd figure it out that a movie needs a lot more than a new character and quest for it to be worth your viewing time. Give it a miss.
not impressive
This is a good movie, but some films just don't convince the audience and don't leave a mark in film history, I think they should have stopped at the third POC movie or let gore verbinski direct this 4th movie, with his special techniques that gave me a good view in the 1st trilogy, I like the idea of introducing mermaids and barbossa having a wooden leg which obviously contributes a lot to pirate films. The zombies could have worked out well but unfortunately they weren't displayed in a convincing way as we didn't learn much about them and I felt it was just a copy of Davy Jones and his crew but in a lame way...black beard was a great add 2 the series but its weird how they just suddenly added him as a "pirate all pirates fear" well where the heck was he when Davy Jones and Barbossa were considered lords of ocean? and angelica is a disappointment, her character was added to waste time and add more to the movie... Also Syrena and Sam were a fail at creating a replacement for will and Elizabeth, but if a 5th movie comes out, Sam and syrena will probably have stronger contribution to the movie...POC4 was a sort of rush, this movie seemed to have been made just to earn money, it was an obvious copy of the 1st movie (curse of black pearl), it was a quest to find something that brings u back to life as it was the same plot used by the Aztec treasure that removes the curse, and most the sword fights were very similar.. and black beard was a way to reprise Davy Jones' character...I also think its a little stupid how the Spaniards went looking for the fountain and then they stated that "its not the fountain that gives u youth, youth comes from God," well then why the hell did u bother going to the fountain?. Another stupid thing is how the whole crew went to drink from the fountain to get youth and at the end only black beard and angelica drank from it, and one of them had 2 sacrifice..but overall this movie is good for entertainment, but if your a fan of the 1st trilogy I don't think you will like this 1...I really don't see why its called on stranger tides anyway, I know its a novel, but the name of the movie should have been "pirates of the Caribbean: the fountain of youth"
Lower your expectations. It helps!
'We're all back together again!' Jerry Bruckheimer (Producer) tells the audience in a featurette. And it feels that the main purpose for this movie was some kind of reunion, because it was fun for them to make the first three.

Gore Verbinski is not directing this anymore. And it shows. There is nothing particular memorable about this movie in style or direction. They kept the DOP from the previous movies and the movie is still beautifully shot.

When I went to the cinema expecting nothing of the movie (because every story finished nicely at the end of the third movie) I was still entertained. Upon re-watching it, boredom struck. The movie's basic structure is like this: Here you have characters, they need to do these things, okay let's do these things, movie end. It's narratively speaking quite straight forward and therefore the movie doesn't feel pretentious or bloated. What does bother me is that the characters are so uninteresting and what happens during the movie is also quite uninteresting. The movie lost the grandeur of the previous entries.

Hey Jerry! What did you say? 'Blackbeard is one of the most evil characters we have ever given you?' Nah, sorry to burst your bubble but the only positive thing about the Blackbeard character is that he is played by Ian McShane. McShane does everything to make the character interesting, because the script is lacking. Blackbeard is really boring and underdeveloped. The second and third movies had time to develop their villains, whereas this movie did not take it's time or tried to bother. Probably because this movie was meant to be the Johnny Depp Show!

I'm not even going to mention the forced love-couple in this movie, because that was laughable. The Penelope Cruz character was a nice addition though and she was OK. Johnny himself was not that memorable. He was more on repeat of what he did in previous entries, but now he was the main focus of the movie.

But, overall, the highlights of the movie were the Mermaid scene and Geoffrey Rush's Barbossa. (he always looks like he's having fun with the character he plays) You can decide for yourself if that's worth your time to go see this movie.

Lower your expectations. It helps!
Back to the spirit of the Black Pearl
These Pirates films are all about entertainment and thankfully this latest adventure with Captain Jack Sparrow at the helm is back to basics, reminding me of the formula that made the very first one, Curse of the Black pearl so great. Don't worry I won't give anything away here but be aware that the opening 20 minutes is one funny sequence and quirky one liner after another. There is also a couple of hilarious cameos, one may be familiar but the other was a right royal shock. Depp walks through his lethargic swaying pirate character with ultimate ease, while new high seas bad boy Blackbeard is exceptional, but not as cool as Sparrows former flame played by Cruz. She is foxy, feisty and funny. The action is elevated by some wonderful 3D effects but I am sure the film would be just as rocking without it. Finally, the highlight is the Mermaid scenes. As dark as they are, they take the viewer into their web of intrigue. Australian Gemma Ward even sings during an evocative moment. Remember to stay on after the credits for an EXTRA scene. After the last two installments left me crying with disappointment, I Loved it.
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