Safe House
USA, Japan, South Africa
Crime, Thriller, Action, Mystery
IMDB rating:
Daniel Espinosa
Vera Farmiga as Catherine Linklater
Stephen Rider as Richards
Jenna Dover as CIA Analyst
Nora Arnezeder as Ana Moreau
Fares Fares as Vargas
Joel Kinnaman as Keller
Rubén Blades as Carlos Villar
Liam Cunningham as Alec Wade
Ryan Reynolds as Matt Weston
Denzel Washington as Tobin Frost
Tracie Thoms as CIA Analyst
Sam Shepard as Harlan Whitford
Brendan Gleeson as David Barlow
Robert Patrick as Daniel Kiefer
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A satisfying film for a Bourne fan
Let me start by saying that I am a great fan of Bourne series and always look for films to get the similar enjoyment that I derive from that series. It's sort of a benchmark for me in spy-thrillers. When I saw the trailer of Safe House, I was impressed and was so tempted that I downloaded it in 15 minutes and was watching it by the 20th minute. The film started rather slowly but that was fine, most films do. there were, however, some points in the middle and the second half of the film where I literally yawned. Being a Bourne film, I really loved the action sequences, they were fast, logical and impact leaving ones. The story, however, I won't say straight but rather conventional, we have seen the similar thing in spy-thrillers, tinker tailor soldier spy being the last such film I saw. Acting was awesome, at least on the part of Denzel Washington. Story could have been more compact, thrilling and could have a good ending.. I heard they are working on a sequel and hope that they figure all those low points, specially a good start to cover up the low ending they gave to this film in that sequel. Overall, a good film to watch but only if you have two long free hours.
Engaging thriller
Tobin Frost(Denzel Washington) a former CIA agent that went rouge, and is now on the run, turns himself in to CIA headquarters, to avoid being captured by terrorist. Matt Weston(Ryan Reynolds) join the others on his first assignment, but when headquarters are shot down by the people trying to capture Frost. Matt takes Frost out of there safely, and the two soon become hunted. But who can they trust, or can they trust each other, and will they get out this alive?

I'm surprised by the bad reviews, this was a gritty real action movie, it never tries to be a simply guilty pleasure. Ryan Reynolds was great, never plays it real goofy, and so was Denzel Washington, I like how we where not sure what to of his character is he good or bad? Vera Farmiga, Brendan Gleason, and Sam Shepard are also great too.
Too much of too little.
From the trailers you know it's not such a safe house. Denzel Washington doesn't break a sweat. Ryan Reynolds never stops sweating. Vera Farminga is unconvincing as a high level CIA agent spouting exposition.

Plenty of redundant shoot outs, car chases and fights. Generic bad guys kill plenty of we didn't know them good guys. Up close, and in the actors face, digital photography is far too grainy.

Trendy CIA bashing. Quick pace. Plenty of action but not much new or interesting in this except perhaps the South Africa locations. Wait for the DVD.
Decent Movie, but a waste of some real Talent
My rating of 5/10 is at once both generous and not. Ryan Reynolds and Denzel Washington do the best they can but ultimately the director hits the wrong tone and the cinematography is at times distractingly bad.

Here's what the previews led me to believe, Reynolds is young and driven but inexperienced as the keeper of a safe house, Washington is an old professional rogue agent who will offer him advice. None of that advice was ever really shared, I thought a certain bond would be formed between Washington and Reynolds or at least a hesitant mutual respect but none of that took shape.

I kept waiting for that point where one character proves to be more than what we were led to believe early on that they were, but no. Washington and Reynold's characters of Weston and Tobin stay the same throughout the whole movie, Weston is none the wiser because of Tobin and thats all there is to it.

Still there's enough basic action and minimal suspense to keep you entertained during a matinée showing so on that level I can't knock the film. The problem is there were several moments where I was left wondering why not a little more exploration into these characters or the story.

Also while watching the movie I just assumed it was PG-13, I never pay attention to the ratings but none of the violent fight scenes were that particularly violent so I told myself oh it must be because they needed to maintain the PG-13 but no, this movie is an R and yet they still avoided showing brutal fight scenes. All of the violence was so rapidly edited together and shot from such obscure angles that you can barely even tell what is going on.

I give credit to Washington and Reynolds for doing the best they could to overcome weak direction, editing, cinematography, and screen writing.
Conventional but Effective Action-Thriller
In Cape Town, South Aftica, the rookie CIA agent Matt Weston (Ryan Reynolds) is a safe house keeper and is in love with his French girlfriend Ana Moreau (Nora Arnezeder) that does not know about his double life.

When the most wanted rogue and former CIA agent Tobin Frost (Denzel Washington) surrenders to the American Consulate to escape from an attack of dangerous soldiers of fortune, he is brought to the safe house to be interrogated by the specialist Daniel Kiefer (Robert Patrick) and his team. However there is a breach in the safe house and mercenaries break in the place expecting to capture Tobin Frost and they kill Daniel and his men. Matt escapes with Tobin and he contacts the CIA senior management Harlan Whitford (Sam Shepard), David Barlow (Brendan Gleeson) and Catherine Linklater (Vera Farmiga) that give instruction to Matt to reach another safe house with the prisoner. But Tobin warns Matt that there is an informer in the CIA and he shall not trust in anyone.

"Safe House" is a conventional but effective action-thriller with the usual shootings, car chases and explosions. But the great cast, with the charismatic Denzel Washington and Ryan Reynolds; great veteran actors Brendan Gleeson and Sam Shepard; the always excellent Vera Farmiga; and the gorgeous and unknown Nora Arnezeder, makes the difference. The Hollywoodian commercial happy end is unrealistic but certainly will pleasure a great number of viewers. My vote is seven.

Title (Brazil): "Protegendo o Inimigo" ("Protecting the Enemy")
Predictable to the end
This film wasn't all that fresh; we've seen it before in several other films. the Bourne Series, Body of Lies, Green name it, there really isn't an original part of this film.

Essentially, Ryan Reynolds plays an aspiring CIA Case Officer who has a dull assignment in South Africa. Meanwhile Denzel Washington meets with an MI-6 contact who gives him a microchip. The MI-6 contact is soon killed and there is a chase scene which forces Denzel to head to the US consulate. It is soon revealed that Denzel's character used to be a CIA Case Officer who "turned traitor" many years ago. When the CIA take Denzel to Reynolds' safehouse, it is promptly attacked by well-trained guys who take out the rest of the CIA team but Reynolds and Washington escape. Several chase scenes ensue, intermixed with scenes of bonding/confrontation between Reynolds and Washington. Add in a girlfriend for Reynolds who doesn't know what sort of work he does and you get the picture.

Obviously, there's someone within the CIA trying to get Denzel and obviously, its one of the big bosses we see at Langley. Obviously, there will be a sort of mentorship between Denzel and Ryan.

Look, this might have been a decent film if they had gone in a different direction, but it's a tired plot line, where evil intelligence agencies get "truth to power" in their faces. Obviously Denzel's character is supposed to be some sort of PFC Manning with Wikileaks. Nothing specific is ever discussed, just "corrupt intelligence officials" from all over the world.

The sideplot with the girlfriend was about as predictable as it gets, from beginning to end.

Then there are the loose ends. Reynolds was on video fighting with police, and he killed and officer...yet he just gets away clean? I don't think that would happen in real life. Had they written a better plot, they could have just avoided the second "fight" with the police at the stadium and it would have not affected the all.

Anyway, plot aside, the action is hard to follow sometimes as it looks like its being recorded on some guy's iPhone or something.

This really isn't worth going to the theaters for...wait for Netflix or onDemand or something.
It's Denzel, Nuff Said
I started watching this movie with a bias in its favor to begin with. I like both, Ryan Reynolds and Denzel Washington so I was expecting it to be good.

Ryan Reynolds plays a CIA (or FBI) agent that is putting in his time babysitting a safe house. Denzel is a rogue agent that appears on the grid after years of being hard to catch.

The movie was as advertised. A good thing you can expect from a Denzel crime/action thriller is that the acting will be good and the action won't be over the top. There will be enough action to keep you locked in but not so much where you mentally check out and don't care about the story. This wasn't the best Denzel movie, but at least it had a good cohesive story and some substance.
About 30 minutes of plot padded with an hour and a half of car chases
The plot- A CIA bureaucrat minding an seldom used "safe house" in South Africa plays host to the CIA's most notorious turncoat. Things break bad, and the facility is attacked, leaving the minder chasing the turncoat while being chased by unknown goons who want them both dead. A bit of espinoge and who can trust who leaves you guessing until you don't really care.

Denzel is okay in this, but the action scenes were repetitive and mindless. They also wreck a bunch of cars.. so there's that.

Barely worth watching once.

There was also the subplot with the French girlfriend which goes nowhere and is just filler.
I did not expect it to be this good.
I'll be honest. When I saw the trailer, I was madly excited. It looked fantastic. But then, after a while, I remembered, that the main point of a trailer is to do just that. Hype the film, while revealing literally all the main plot scenes and parts. I didn't know if it was the case with 'Safe House', since, hey, it's Denzel Washington. That man doesn't just do any role.

I just got back from the movie theater, and am I glad that I was wrong. The movie is fantastic, electrifying. Do know that I don't just 'get off' on any action flick. In most cases, I just watch and forget. This was actually, fantastic. I don't have a single bad word to say about it, the way it was directed, acted or anything else. Everything was simply fantastic.

I realize my words sound absurd, and the score looks the same, but it really is worth it. I didn't see an action movie this well written, and this well acted in a really, really long time. Of course, by the end of the movie, any experienced watcher will figure out the ending by himself, but even though you 'get it', it's still extremely fun to sit through and see how the pieces connect.

I really hate long reviews, so I'm trying to make this one as short and sweet as possible. Lastly, have in mind that not one cast member failed his role. Ryan was fantastic, even better then I could've imagined (a nice showing of his acting skills after Green Lantern and Change-Up), and Denzel, what to say that hasn't been already said about that man's acting. Phenomenal doesn't cut it.

Go and see it. It's much better then anything else thats currently 'showing'.
Boring and derivative
Safe House starring Denzel Washington and Ryan Reynolds is just one of those pointless boring generic and very derivative weak "action" films. The performances are really not that good to be honest. The dialogue and script is boring and cliché. Now I am a fan of both Ryan and Denzel's work in the films they have appeared in before, but this one is just nonsensical. The plot is utterly muddled and horribly boring and just downright uninteresting. The action scenes are just kinda take it or leave it, nothing new at all to bring to the table. There isn't anything new, exciting, or even mildly entertaining here. This movie is just bad at engaging the audience, making the audience actually give a crap what happens. I sure didn't care that happened. How could I??? I was too busy checking the time on my phone LOL. Skip this one, save your heartache. Don't say i didn't warn you. 1/10.
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