Underworld Awakening
USA, Canada
Action, Fantasy, Horror
IMDB rating:
Björn Stein, Måns Mårlind
Stephen Rea as Dr. Jacob Lane
Jacob Blair as Officer Kolb
Robert Lawrenson as Waterfront Cop
Lee Majdoub as Desk Guard #1
Catlin Adams as Olivia
Theo James as David
Tyler McClendon as Scientist
Panou as Old City Cop #1
Kate Beckinsale as Selene
Michael Ealy as Detective Sebastian
Charles Dance as Thomas
John Innes as Medical Supervisor
Adam Greydon Reid as Med Tech #1
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Just a bit of trivia
Erwin Leder (Singe from the original Underworld {2003}) has an uncredited role as a member of the Vampire(!) coven. You can see him standing to David's (Theo James) right, at 43:01, when the coven is assembling to fight. He looks quite a bit older and smaller than in the original Underworld, but it's quite certainly him. I guess that dying above an elder's sarcophagus grants new life to a dead werewolf.
I enjoyed it
I really do not see why everyone has such a downer on this. Maybe I was in just the right mood (having just watched "Saving Mr Banks") but beautiful Kate Beckinsale in tight, shiny black PVC shooting impossible guns at ridiculous monster Lycans was just what I needed. Resemblance to the TV series "Believe" (and the girl did look a little like Bo) kept my interest. The cameos by local (to the UK) Thespians was a bonus. Everyone was attractive, the action was great, the soundtrack was punchy and it looked good throughout.

Yes there may have been some goofs in there, but I wasn't looking for them as I was just enjoying it as pure entertainment and not being picky!
if you base this on the previous movies you might be.....
Disappointed. I really wanted to like it because of Kate. It seemed like it was a video game cut-scenes spliced together.


1) it was an underworld movie and even a bad one deserves 3 stars

2) The cast was good Steven Rea, and Michael Ealy, and were good.

3) Action scenes were tolerable.


1) it seems like 90% of the dialog was stripped out.

2) Kate appeared a bit wooden, unlike her previous character, Of course her character explains why she doesn't emote much.

3) there are a strainer full of plot holes in this episode (oops) film.

4) This movie(episode) could have fit into a real movie with dialog.
Another great film in the Franchise although Michael's Absence kinda bothered me..
When human forces discover the existence of the Vampire and Lycan clans, a war to eradicate both species commences. The vampire warrior Selene leads the battle against humankind. With Blood Wars coming out on December 1st i decided to wrap up my reviews for the Underworld Franchise once and for all with Underworld: Awakening a film that i remembered very different because Underworld 4 is actually pretty good and Kate Beckinsale still rocks as Selene she even went on a rampage and killed humans on this one, there's even a scene where she visits the building where her daughter is in and they shoot her and she is just a boss. But the biggest surprise from this film was actually India Eisley as Eve her transformation was terrific and i loved that part where she fought against Stephen Rea who plays Dr. Jacob Lane who also had another great transformation as for the big werewolf i think he was alright he isn't the worst bad guy of this Franchise but he isn't the best one either the cgi was a bit off at times but for the most part there were some practical effects also which saves the film more. Sandrine Holt has officially been murdered by a Terminator, a Werewolf and Zombies. To wrap this up if you know what you're getting into you won't be disappointed and this is definitely a much better Franchise than Resident Evil in my opinion.
Best Underworld Movie
In my opinion, I believe that this was the best out of the franchise because all of the predecessors basically built up all the mythology and I don't know how they would of built up on it.

Don't get me wrong I love the other movies, but resorting to the action was a good idea because (not only am I a action buff) all the other movies didn't have much and with all the action in the new one, it's good thing to see Selene at her fiercest because we didn't see as much in the other movies.

Also, to see people complaining about the story, idk what the problem is, its a fine plot and sure some characters didn't have much dialogue or background, but think about, that's not the reason you went to see the movie, a majority of you went for Kate Beckinsale. If it wasn't for her, the underworld series would be nothing.
Almost a made for TV movie.... avoid.
The first three films were quite well done, lots of action and enough storyline to tie the three together.

The films were made of decent quality too, nice effects and editing.

Unfortunately this forth film definitely is sub-par to the others, I wish I could un-watch it and be happy with the first three.

Even the filming style seemed cheap and the actors just seemed like they were just getting another pay check, no real acting even by this series standard.

3 stars for a couple of the sequences, but avoid if you are looking for a decent film.
Somewhat Disappointing
Out of the 4 Underworld films, Awakening is the worst. Awakening is a good film but there are a couple of things that makes this one my least favorite and somewhat disappointing to me: One thing is Michael is not in the film and the first two films built Michael up to be a very important hybrid. Another disappointing thing is that the story lacks quite a bit -- it's just not as interesting as the other films (even with an added element: a daughter by Selene and Micheal). I also disliked the "super lycan" - that was just a bad (bunk) idea to me. Don't get me wrong Awakening is worth watching but it's just not as good as the first three films. Maybe I was just expecting something else from this 4th installment and that is why I was somewhat (but not completely) disappointed with this film.

Another stab at rescuing a good idea, poorly implemented.
The underworld series has a lot going for it....as STORIES.

The sad fact is that they put a malnourished female in a rubber suit and hoped that this would somehow overcome the most problematic issue with the underworld franchise: Kate Beckinsale simply cannot act.

Now, granted, I like the female form as much as the next person....but unlike some, I don't see it as a replacement for talent. Give me a fugly girl with amazing talent (or at the very least, simply does her job well) and I will pick her over a pretty moron EVERY TIME!

The fact that my wife is very sexy is coincidence; I was attracted to her brain first! But this single issue has absolutely RUINED the underworld saga. As a good example: compare the characters Lucian and Selene in the first Underworld: Michael sheen of course plays Lucian and he is absolutely outstanding in it. Kate Beckinsale on the other hand is so wooden that you really just want to see her naked for the sake of getting SOME entertainment value out of what you pay to see the movie; she really is that bad.

This movie is no exception. She fell into a formula requiring little or no effort on her part and leaving us with a character that may as well have been a bit part.

Despite valiant efforts by the other actors, unfortunately Beckinsale makes this a non-starter and it is therefore utterly deserving of the 1 star rating.
Why did Kate come back for this?
There is an old saying that "money is the root of all evil". This statement is usually reserved for people involved with bribery, corruption, banking, and politics. Well, I am taking that statement and applying it to everyone involved in the making of this film. This movie was made to suck money from our pockets by people who don't care about a once worthy movie property. They destroy it.

The original "Underworld" was a fresh take on the centuries old rivalry between vampires and werewolves (called "lycans" here). It wasn't game changing cinema, but a movie with interesting characters, worthy performances, and slick action sequences. This movie, clocking in at a incredibly short 73 minutes, not only destroys, but turns its back on what once was a promising series. The second film was as good as the first. I did not see the third, but heard it was good. When people rip on "Twilight" for the terrible acting, the teenage girls now have a film to use as evidence to show it ain't that bad in Stephanie Meyer's universe. Everyone in this film is terrible; even Kate Beckinsale. Beckinsale, who was so good in the first two, is sleep walks though this film. I must give her some credit, at least she is better than the films terrible villains. The characters are lame, as are the actors playing them. They come off as laughable, not frightening or horrifying in anyway. The once cool designs of the Lycans have been replaced by rubber looking coyotes. Worst of all, there is not a single memorable action scene in the movie. It is just extremely boring to watch, considering all the gunfire going on.

Former director, now writer, Len Wiseman, tries to inject some emotion into the movie by creating a relationship between Beckinsale's character and a hybrid child created from her DNA. There is only so much you can do in the movie's short time span and given the amount the screen time these two have together, it doesn't work. It doesn't feel natural, only a cheap ploy to create some type of humanity in this action snooze fest.

Michael Sheen, who played a Lycon in the first three movies, wisely bowed out of this one. Beckinsale, I have no idea why she came back after walking away from the third one. My only guess is she got a pretty good amount of cash to reprise her role. The film does establish something; it is like its main character: empty, soul less and dead on arrival.
I am very disappointed.
There was a time when I like the Underworld series. The first one had a good plot, solid acting, and added something to the mythos, even as it borrowed from the White Wolf universe. The second one was... tolerable at best. It was worth watching, at least, which is more than I can say for Rise of the Lycans. That was a total waste of time.

Despite the general downhill trend, I decided to check this one out in the theater. Boy, was that a waste! If the writers couldn't come up with a better villain than a steroid abusing werewolf, they need to go back to the drawing board. There are so many things they could have done with this scenario. We could have seen the Abominations come to the forefront, for one, as their strengths would have made them very difficult for the humans to kill.

Instead we see the Lycans taking the place of the Vampires (which I thought was alright, except for the whole Dr. Jeckyll and Mr. Werewolf bit), the Vampires have all turned into a bunch of little sniveling wimps, and we are once AGAIN left wondering just what the hell is the Abomination even doing in the movie!! Yeah, I said it! The Hybrid is supposed to be some kind of immensely powerful beast capable of taking down even an elder vampire. This is something referenced multiple times throughout the series, and yet every time a hybrid gets into a fight, they get their head stomped in! In the first movie, Michael got smacked down by the elder, who is later killed by (da da DAH!) Selene. In the second movie, Michael once again gets punked, but at least he made one kill before the day is once again saved by (dah dah DAH!) Selene! Now in this, the fourth in the series, presumably focused on the hybrids, Michael gets punked even worse right at the start! They could have had him at least take out a few of the guys coming after him before he got knocked on his backside and put on ice! Sure, the little girl does alright. No better than Michael ever did, but at least she got a kill in her first screen outing. It seems to me that the only tough characters in these films are the females.

My point is this: if the hybrids are supposed to be the "future," and the Lycans and Vampires are both scared to death of them, WHY don't we see more of their abilities?! Why are we left disappointed time and time again? Why do the writers insist on making the hybrids do little more than turn blue and roar a few times before getting the crap beat out of them? If you writers have nothing better to do with the hybrids, TAKE THEM OUT OF THE SERIES. They are, to this point, little more than a near worthless sidekick, and they add almost nothing to the story outside of being the target for aggression from both sides.

I gave the film 3 starts because it at least had good special effects. Beyond that, it's a flop. Predictable plot, mediocre fight scenes, and a villain that made me think Bruce Banner had been bitten by a werewolf. If this is the direction the series is headed, I am done with it.
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